Center-Based Services

 TBS’s center-based programming offers your family treatment plans based on your child's needs. All therapy is individualized and is structured upon language milestone assessments, which is based on BF Skinner's (1957) analysis of verbal behavior.  The primary focus when teaching children with Autism should be the development of effective language skills.  All therapeutic goals, such as language acquisition programs and behavior intervention plans, are overseen by a behavior analyst. 

1:1 Therapy

  •  Behavior assessment and design of behavior intervention plan
  • Individualized, ABA treatment provided in our therapy center, school, and/or community setting
  • Comprehensive goals targeting the improvement of socialization, communication, self-help, play, academics and more
  • Techniques to reduce challenging behaviors
  • Parent training and participation in behavior intervention methods
  • Facilitated play with peers

Reducing Challenging Behaviors:

  •  ​Functional Behavior Assessment and Functional Analysis conducted to determine function of behaviors
  • ​Family members, caregivers and members of the educational team are involved
  • ​Behavior intervention plan is designed to target more appropriate behaviors
  • ​Support for family members, caregivers, and all others individuals involved will be ongoing to ensure consistency across people and environments

Daily Living Skills

  •  Teaching self-help skills including dressing, bathing, personal care, and toilet training 
  • Teaching practical life skills including basic food preparation, kitchen safety, laundry, and household cleaning
  •  If appropriate, additional job skill training may be provided on campus  

Tutoring Services

  • Academic tutoring services will be provided by a masters level special education teacher
  • Teacher has experience with behavior analytic principles and teaching methods
  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst will collaborate with tutor on all targeted skill areas